Flash Favorite

Flash Favorite 1.8.2

Download Flash movies in an instant

Flash Favorite makes it easy to download and save flash files (SWF, FLV) on the web pages. You can preview the flash files and optionally rename it and save the file clip on your computer for future playback.

Benefits of Flash Favorite:

  • Download Macromedia Flash files from anywhere on the Web. With a few quick mouse clicks, Flash Favorite lets you pull embedded SWF files from any Flash-enabled site. Just pick the file you want in the preview window, hit save
  • Download FLV (Flash Video) files from any online video websites
  • YouTube Downloader - With this feature, you can easily download videos from YouTube.com
  • User defined category. You can quickly categorize your downloaded flash files. It makes the management of flash filess more efficient


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Flash Favorite


Flash Favorite 1.8.2